no more credit card debt!

Monday, May 28 2007

I know it’s been a dreadfully long time since I’ve updated here, but while the blog has been somewhat neglected, my savings plan/debt management hasn’t. The exciting news is that today I paid off the LAST of my American Express credit card balance, meaning that for the first time in almost 2 years,

I have no more credit card debt!!!

I still have a personal loan to continue paying off, but it was the credit card that was causing me grief all this time - I just couldn’t seem to get the darn thing paid off in it’s entirity, but I’ve done it now - and hopefully it will stay in the clear from here on!


Monday, March 5 2007

Ugh, I’m really struggling with motivation now, even though the end of my credit card debt is near. I’ve been doing some shopping the last couple of weekends, and even though I can justify my purchases - textbooks for studying, and birthday presents for my boyfriend’s daughter - I’m still feeling the urge to shop, and to not save as much (or at least, putting it onto my Amex card to clear off the debt!) There are some clothes that I really like (and I don’t often buy clothes, I’m actually pretty restrained in that department, most of the time!), and some books from Amazon I’d love to read. So even though the end is in sight (if I focus, I can have the rest of my Amex card paid off before the end of the month!), I’m still struggling to stay on track, and keep progressing the same way I have been this year so far.

Any tips/suggestions on how to avoid temptation, and to keep saving hard to pay off the last $800 of my credit card?

Current status

Wednesday, February 28 2007

From Friday 23 February 2007:

American Express credit card: $949.75 AUD
Personal loan: $5,028.15

Total: $5,977.90

Since then:

American Express:
+ $113.12 (*coughs* um yeah… went shopping last weekend…)
- $250 (repayments)
Total: $812.87

Personal Loan: $5,028.15
- $150 (repayment)
Total: $4,878.15

New Total Owing: $5,691.02

layout (part II)

Friday, February 23 2007

I finally have a layout that I’m happy with AND my blogroll is working - a nice way to end a Friday afternoon, and a long week at work.

Some exciting things are happening at work, but I’ll write more about them when things are more definite :)

How has everyone been lately?

Current status

From Wednesday 7 Feb 2007:

American Express credit card: $1,549.75 AUD
Personal loan: $4,975.23

Total: $6,524.98

Since then:

American Express:
+ Still nothing!!
- $600 in repayments
Total: $9,49.75

Personal Loan: $4,925.23
+ $52.92 (interest, grr!)
Total: $5,028.15

New Total Owing: $5,977.90

This is the first time in MONTHS (over a year, I think!) that my Amex card has been under $1,000 owing, so this is definitely a milestone for me. A little over 3 more weeks, and it will be paid off!!! That is so exciting to me.

And then I can start tackling that personal loan with a similar aggression, so I can stop getting slugged with such high monthly interest fees!

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